Did your parents tell you, or did you ever tell your children, that television will rot your brain?

Turns out, that may not be far from the truth – for seniors, at least.

The study by George Washington University was conducted over a 10-year period, and found that a sedentary lifestyle with low physical activity and increased TV watching sharply increases the risk of a walking disability.

After the 10-year study period concluded, 30 percent of those 50 to 71 years old at the time the study began reported that they developed a walking disability. Researchers found that the more time those people spent watching television was “significantly related to increased disability within all levels of physical activity.”  Those who reported less than three hours of physical activity per week were at even greater risk for a mobility issue.

At the same time, this study showed that a general sedentary lifestyle is the second-leading risk factor to mortality, only trailing smoking.

This is why we take activities seriously at New Paltz Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. We offer a variety of activities for residents, including exercise programs, games, and trips, to promote as much movement as possible for each of our residents.

Prolonged sitting has been found to likely to particularly raise the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The study did not come up with a certain amount of time that they believe to be too much regarding TV watching.  However, experts recommend at least 30 days of moderate exercise for a healthy adult. If you are looking to get more active, always talk to your doctor before starting a fitness regimen.