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The summer 2023 campaign is about to launch and that means we’re moving—fleets of ice cream, donut, taco and hot dog trucks hitting the road to reinforce relationships, strengthen partnerships, and create new connections. And in the process, spread the word about our teams, our rehab, and our results

Our 37,000 team members are our #1 asset. Top healthcare professionals, leading specialists, experienced therapists, experts in every field–the sharp minds, caring hearts and healing hands make a world of difference in the quality of life of those we serve. These are the Teams that move us.

Modern healthcare is advancing at an exponential pace. We’re proud to lead the way as we pursue and embrace new rehab technology at each of our 45 facilities. Cutting-edge sciences like biomechanics and the rehabilitative equipment of tomorrow ensure that we help the people in our care achieve optimal health. This is the Rehab that moves us.

Our superior teams together with our superior rehab equipment leads to superior results—with 9,000 successful discharges every year. That is our focus. That is our mission. That is our promise. Every patient we discharge has a story. And every story is a testament to our success. These are the Results that move us.

Be sure to enter to win. Prizes include ear pods, bicycles, dinner for two, and more. You can accept the prize or donate up to $250 to any of the following charities. Care to win. Care to give. Either way, everyone is a winner.

American Heart Association
Parkinson’s Foundation
American Cancer Society
Asthma and Lung Foundation
Alzheimer’s Association
Diabetes Foundation