It’s hard seeing your parents getting older. The roles seem to reverse as you, the child and caretaker, become a caregiver and your parent becomes the caretaker. It’s heart-wrenching to say the least as, if this reality didn’t hit you already, it will hit you now as you realize that your parents won’t be around forever. They’re getting older, their bodies are getting weaker, and their health is slipping. So you do what you can to make your parents’ older years golden years, despite making possibly controversial decisions. Establishing the measures needed to get your parents care they deserve is challenging, especially if you cannot commit to being a full-time caregiver for whatever reason. So we fully understand any hesitation you might have if you have to move your parent in a nursing home, and why guilt may arise.

Here are a few questions you should answer before you make this big decision:

–       Is your parent currently suffering from a debilitating ailment?

–       Is your parent at risk to get sick or injured?

–       How mentally alert is your parent?

–       How mobile is your parent?

–       How much assistance (if any,) does your parent need to perform daily living activities like bathing, cooking, etc.?

–       What do the other family members have to say?

–       How does your parent feel? Are they looking for you to take care of them or do they want to remain independent?

–       If it comes to it, are you able to be a full-time caregiver? Do you have the time and money to tend to your parents’ needs?

The nursing home industry is the most regulated industry in the United States; yes, even more so than nuclear power! All of these regulations are in place to ensure that short-term rehab and long-term residents are getting exemplary care. It’s a lose-lose for all parties involved if a nursing home continually falls short of those standards, which is why it’s very much in a nursing home’s best interest to do the very best they can in providing tremendous care.

A well-run nursing home can provide round the clock care where you cannot. Highly rated facilities will have plenty of nursing staff available 24/7 for residents. There is an entire team of enthusiastic and fun-loving aides that facilitate activities, ranging from arts and crafts to live entertainment. A lot of nursing homes are very vibrant places to live. And don’t take our word for it; our residents will gladly attest to this! So before you let yourself get gnawed by guilt, pay a visit to your local nursing home, talk to your loved one, and see if it makes sense for them.