Small and local businesses are bearing the worst brunt of the economic fallout as it relates to restrictions brought on by the threat of coronavirus. Some have temporarily shut down, hoping to weather the storm, while others are trying to stay afloat and get creative in offering their services during this time.

Concord Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing wants our neighbors to thrive, so we’re bringing you six ways you can help local businesses from the comfort of home.

  • Check for Curbside Pickup

It’s not just grocery stores and restaurants bringing goods out to you. A wide variety of stores are taking telephone orders and will bring the items out to your car. Just call and see if this service is available.

  • Delivery Deals

Many restaurants – either through their own employees or third-party vendors like Doordash – are offering free delivery during this time when eateries aren’t able to offer dine-in service. Some can even sell alcohol.

  • Gift Cards

One way that temporarily closed stores are trying to stay afloat is by selling gift cards that can be used once their doors reopen. 

  • Be a Good Tipper

When you do get that take-out, be sure to tip as you would if you were dining inside (or more) since service industry workers are seeing far fewer tips than normal.

  • Reschedule Appointments Instead of Canceling

Places like barbers, hair salons, and spas are temporarily closed, so instead of canceling your appointment, reschedule it to a time when it’s likely to be open, that way they are still assured of your business.

  • Give Free Publicity

Tag your favorite business on social media or leave them a positive review on Yelp or Google. Every little bit helps, and this doesn’t cost you anything. 

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