If you’ve reached your diet goals, congratulations! Unfortunately for many, the gains in the weight-loss department are temporary, so know that losing the weight is only half the battle. The real fight is keeping it off.

Thankfully, Concord Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is sharing five ways to do just that.

Follow a Realistic Eating Pattern

If you were counting calories during your weight-loss phase, you know that a reduction in calories led to the shedding of pounds. So, do not go back to your pre-diet eating levels. Maintain a realistic number of calories and that should allow you to maintain your current weight.

Plan Ahead for Variations

Sure, it’s okay to indulge on special occasions – a birthday, vacation, even the weekend. Just be sure to have a plan, that way you eat well around those occasions. Cutting calories during the week will give you more of your weekly allowance on the weekend, for example.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals isn’t encouraged, especially breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will get your metabolism going and keep you from overeating to compensate later in the day.

Continue to Exercise

Just like eating better, don’t stop exercising just because you reached your target weight goal. If you were working out intensely, you can probably drop that to a moderate level in order to maintain your body weight, but certainly, stay active.

Monitor Your Weight

Keeping a strict eye on your weight will help you catch a potential increase before it gets too hard to fix. If you know you had a bad week and gained a couple of pounds, do what you already know works to get back to where you want to be. 

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