It’s difficult to deny that there’s a difference in comfort with, and familiarity with, technology between generations. Perhaps it is for this reason that we sometimes unnecessarily separate technological convenience from the retirement and long-term care atmosphere like that at Concord Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. In many ways, however, modern technology, and online services in general, can be of valuable benefit to the long-term care experience by eliminating some of the need for physical travel by either patients or their loved ones.

Ideally, we would all like to visit our loved ones in long-term care facilities as often as possible. The demands of our hectic lives can sometimes make that an unwieldy challenge, however. Additionally, sometimes social visits and visits of logistical necessity are not always the same thing. For instance, you may be browsing some online shopping site in your own home late one evening shortly after visiting a loved one at a long-term care facility when you spy the perfect product for them.

If your loved one is comfortable using online services, ordering products for themselves online can reduce the necessity to involve a third party (like you) when it is not convenient. If they’d prefer not to deal with electronic transactions, online ordering can allow you to directly ship the items to them while saving both shipping time and travel time for you. Electronic telecommunications already allow us to stay more connected to our loved ones in long-term care facilities when we cannot visit as often as we’d like, but online ordering services also allow us to ensure that they are delivered those consumer products they require when they need them while saving us the stress of making sure we acquire and deliver them.