Memory loss is a scary concept. Imagine waking up one day not knowing who you are and trying to figure out your “past” life. Now what if you didn’t have to face the pain of forgetting a precious memory? If you fall victim to a neurological ailment, memory loss may be inevitable. But it can be preventable. Here are 4 very simple things you can do today to preserve your memory tomorrow and the days to come:

1. Diet – Be mindful of what you eat and your mind will thank you for it. If your diet mainly consists of high-calorie, processed foods, it will impact not just your memory but also your entire body. Take a look at our previous post in which we go through five of the best foods you can eat for your brain.

2. Get in the habit of writing things down – Try as you like, there’s only so much you can remember in a given moment. Having a to-do list, whether it’s through a mobile app or a handwritten planner can keep you on track. Extra activity keeps your brain engaged and electrified, and an active brain has a strong memory.

3. Catch more Z’s – Insomnia or other sleep disorders aside, sleep is so essential to our health. If you don’t have a diagnosed sleep disorder and you have trouble sleeping, check out our blog post where we go over 6 common reasons why you may have trouble sleeping. As we sleep, our brain stores short-term memories as long-term memories. If we don’t get enough sleep, our memories won’t be as sharp.

4. Brain games – Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on brain games and what kind of role they play in improving memory and overall brain health. These studies have concluded that brain games, or any other kind of activity that encourages mental stimulation like a puzzle or video game, keeps the brain sharp. Think of the brain as a muscle and these games as barbells. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy for a strong brain and if you don’t use it, you lose it!

These are but a few methods you can easily implement to keep your brain sharp and memories intact.